Controlling access rights to columns in a SharePoint List

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is it possible to limit the access rights on specific columns in a SharePoint Lists to specific users of the site? We have a team site that we'd like to open up to an external supplier, but we would like them to modify only certain columns, to read others and to hide others.

How can this be done?



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I don't believe it is possible to secure columns or views out of the box.

It maybe possible to hide items with views, but that is not exactly secure.


Hope someone has a better answer too that.


We have a similar business request for allowing certain user to only see certain documents in a document library without having to manually.


I have looked at Tru permissions automation, other than that I have come up empty on this one.


It's not possible by defaul...however you could use JSLINK (classic UI) to customize if a column has to be rendered or not dependibg on the user...this approach will not work in the new UI (still we need to know how to customize it)

Thanks. The problem is that we would like a solution that is sustainable and scalable in the near future, and since the modern UI will become anytime soon mandatory it would be nice to find an official way for doing this. Thanks.

Thanks Kiril for the links. That helps.
No, Column/field level security is not available in SP.
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