Classic People Search using Hyperfish Employee Directory Throttling

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Hi All.


We followed the Hyperfish Employee Directory guide and the display templates from GitHub to set up an employee directory in our SPO tentant in July, 2019. It was working like a charm until recently when we received throttling error.  The query has not changed.



Here is the following query in the People Search Core Results webpart:

{searchboxquery} contentclass=spspeople


Is there some throttling limit that has changed for RESTful calls? Has anyone else run into this issue?  Your help will be kindly appreciated.


Thank you,

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We are also facing this issue since yesterday in couple of the development tenant so it looks like something is wrong with Microsoft Search service for some region. 


I have checked service health page page, there it should not show any issue.




Hopefully Microsoft will fix it soon or you can register support ticket to Microsoft.


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Our company is in the same situation. We followed the Hyperfish guide back in 2019 to create an employee directory and it's been working great up until now. We are seeing the same throttling warning when using the query builder. I think the cause/solution is explained in the following article:


It would seem that Microsoft is pushing us to modify our custom display templates to utilize the Microsoft Graph API instead of REST.


I'm no web developer so this is all a bit over my head, but it would be great to get some guidance on how to modify our display templates to use the Microsoft Graph API.