Changing the page layout for existing Enterprise Wiki pages

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We've created a new layout page and I want to apply it to all existing Enterprise Wiki pages. Can I do this using Powershell?


Can this be done with PnP?



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Hi Alan, it depends how you do want to implementate your layout best way is via PNP as it makes it easier to update change etc. Kr, Paul
Hi Paul

I'm proficient at Powershell, but new to PnP and developing SharePoint. Can you point me at an example of how I would update all Enterprise Wiki pages to use our new layout file?

Hi Paul

I figured out how to use PowerShell and PnP to update the page tempates for all of our EnterPrice Wiki pages. Now I've done that, I realised that I should have used an add-in to embed Javascript and Css into each page. I'm going to reset the page template to the default and create an add-in. By the way, I discovered how to do this watching lots of PnP videos.