Can SPFx ACE solutions use isDomainIsolated attribute?

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I've successfully implemented an ACE solution for Viva Connections, which consumes an external system API.


For obvious security concerns, I've configured Microsoft AAD as the identity provider for Azure Function serving as backend, and all is working correctly. My next security improvement was to leverage the isDomainIsolated property to ensure only the ACE solution could access the API. However, setting its value to true leads to:

  • Card displaying a technical error
  • Card not rendering in an iframe, as expected

Setting it back to false, everything works correctly as before. I can't find documentation about this so are you able to tell me if it's supported? If not, is there other way to achieve my goal?






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@Marco Santos I can't find any Microsoft official documentation related to this. But, I think isDomainIsolated property is related to only web parts and not ACEs or extensions.


I would recommend you to create a question (issue) on PnP repository for ACEs at sp-dev-fx-aces issues and repository for web parts at sp-dev-fx-webparts issues. You might get the response from SPFx community experts.


Microsoft documentationIsolated web parts 

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I had the (apparently incorrect) impression that ACEs could leverage same properties of Web Parts given that they have similar outcome, just in a more specialized context.

Following your good suggestion I've opened the following case in sp-dev-fx-aces repository: I'll update this thread in case I get an answer there.