Can I Roll Back a PnP Template ?

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I have a PnP Template called Template1.pnp and I apply that to a site.


If I  upgrade the site using the PnP Template called Template2.pnp how do I subsequently revert the site back to Template1.pnp ?





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Hi Nigel,


not at this moment that i know of. The only thing you could do is check the creation date of things and delete the items.. but it can cause serieus issues.


other thing is get template before role out and after so you know. what to delete.

Hi Paul 


Thanks for this.  I suspected this might be the case.


As to your last comment - is there an XML difference tool ? 


If we re-apply the "Before" template I think we still need to work out what was added and then delete those items.


Might work





Hi Nigel,


i would use Notepad++ Plus the comparer. it is going to be hard but it is possible.