Calculated Column using IF Statement in SharePoint

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I have two columns in my SharePoint list that will serve as the basis of the data that will be needed on a third "calculated column." My two columns are [Container Content] and [Content Amount]. I have three different types of [Container Content], they are cases, pallet, slip sheet. The [Content Amount] will be a variable number, the user inputting the form will have this number entered when entering the record in SharePoint. On my third calculated column, I want to do the following. If the choice in [Container Content] is pallets then divide [Content Amount] by 36, if the choice is pallets then divide [Content Amount]  by 32, if the choice is slip sheet then divide [Content Amount] by 10. I've tried the following formula but I can't seem to get it to work. Can someone tell me where I have it wrong?       

 =IF([Container Content]="Cases",[Content Amount]/36,
 (IF[Container Content]="Pallet",[Content Amount]/32,

(IF[Container Content]='Slip Sheet', [Content Amount]/10)))

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