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Hi all,


I need to automate the approval of a HR related business process using SharePoint 2016 but without using Infopath (As i am used to do).

The process consists of 4 levels of approval where approvers are dynamically assigned based on the submitting employee.

Moreover, the form includes information that should be retrieved from custom SQL data tables; and on approval, other data should be saved to SQL data tables too.

Any idea how this can be done using SharePoint 2016 with Power Apps/Flow? I used to complete the above using SharePoint 2013 and Infopath managed code.


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Hi @NewUser2020 ,

yes you can user PowerApps with SharePoint 2016, obviously it must be reachable from the internet.

There are also others requirements:

  1. Access to download and install the On-Premises data gateway on a server.
  2. Access to a SharePoint 2013 or 2016 environment. 
  3. Already have a subscription set up with PowerApps and Flow

Here you can find (quick goolge search) a really good article.


About SQL, I would put it on Azure, but you can put already on premises




Hi @Federico Porceddu ,


Thank you for your reply.

Since it should be reachable from the internet, PowerApps is no longer an option for me.

Can i still use SharePoint 2016 to benefit from the tasks management, but instead of InfoPath forms maybe use pages or web parts?