Auto-create/duplicate a created list item

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I am looking to auto-create/duplicate a list item created by a user for a specified number of days.  So if the user created an item today on (5/12/2020) Start Date, and they input (5/15/2020) for the End Date while creating that item.  Their item would auto-create/duplicate each day in the SharePoint list, until that End Date of 5/15/2020 is reached. I could even have them input the number of days the item needs to auto-create/duplicate, instead of the End Date.   

What I’m hoping to accomplish is avoiding having an end-user needing to create the item each day, via the PowerApp.


Thank you very much.

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According to me, the best option is to use Power Automate. You can use the automated triggers to trigger every day on that list comparing the end date and the current date and then you can create a new item with the item information that you pulled while comparing the dates. All auto no need for the user to intervene, event if they have changed the end date to future date, the flow will still work. Just try it and you hope you will find it very easy to implement.