Architecting SharePoint Add-in

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I am new to SharePoint Add-in development and want to develop a small product that can be used by business users of SharePoint Online and SharePoint On Prem without deploying to online store. 

I am not able to figure out what would be the right way to do coding so that I can write such a sharepoint add-in that can be deployed at both places. 

Any help will be appreceated.

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What kind of Add-in are you going to develop: SharePoint-Hosted or Provider-Hosted? In the case of SharePoint-Hosted, you can deploy to both SPO or SP OnPremsies with no the case of Provider-Hosted the situation is different since we talk about Low Trust Add-ins for SPO and High Trust Add-ins for SP OnPrem so you would need two Add-ins

I am planning to utilize Provider (Azure/Custom) hosted add-in model since SharePoint auto-hosted model is going to be deprecated. Is there any way to write a single add-in that works on premise and online?

Bear in mind that Low Trust Provider-Hosted Addins use ACS so if you want to use it in a OnPrem farm, you must ensure that the farm "can see" ACS