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Hello everyone!

I have a very strange issue. I have created a workflow with SharePoint Designer 2013 for SharePoint Online Portal.


My workflow works with my account with full permissions but it doesn't for other users with Edit access. I created a new user with Edit access and it works but not for the rest 100 users . The workflow fails at the very beginning where i put the following value in a local variable:'mylist')/items([%Current Item:ID%])/attachmentfiles


I get the message regarding the permissions. Again this only happen for the existing users and not for the new one i created with the same permissions as them.

I added this step  into an App Step to check again and still doesn't work.

Does someone now why this doesn't work and how to fix it?

Thanks a lot!

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This is a strange issue. Best option will be to Get ULS logs and check them. They might be some issues with Workflow Service configuration.


Use ULSViewer and get the logs form time when it happend and share it.