Microsoft commitment to close security skills gap

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Security is at an inflection point as digital attack surfaces increase and threat attack sophistication escalates. Microsoft Security solutions can help customers reduce the impact of these attacks.  However, customers continue to struggle to fill the security skills gap with an estimated shortfall of 3.5 million security professional by 2021. We strive to ensure customers have the skilling and learning resources they need to keep up in our world of complex cybersecurity attacks. By empowering our customers to increase their skilling knowledge, we enable customers to get up and running faster with Microsoft security and compliance solutions. We are excited to announce three new ways Microsoft is supporting skilling cyber security professionals.


First, Microsoft has four new Security, Compliance, and Identity certifications tailored to your roles and needs, regardless of where you are at in your skilling journey. To learn more about these new certifications and sign up to take the exam, please visit Microsoft Certifications.



Secondly, we recognize that the world and industry we live in is complex but growing your skill shouldn’t be. The Microsoft Security Technical Content Library will help you find content relevant to your own needs, regardless of experience level, topic, product, or job roles. Use the search filters available and start to explore content for you today! Visit Microsoft Security Technical Content Library.


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Finally, Microsoft Virtual Training Days are free, in-depth, virtual training events that empower you and your organization. No matter your skill level, these events will help you gain the technical skills and knowledge to stay on top of today’s fast-moving landscape, protecting sensitive data wherever it lives, and empowering you and your employees to work securely and achieve more from anywhere. Microsoft Security training days focus on:


  • Secure and protect your organization
  • Protect sensitive information and manage data risk


Each session offers live Q&A with tech experts that you can submit throughout the training sessions. Sign up for a Microsoft Virtual Training Day today.



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@JackieOstlie - Great resources. Thanks!

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Great! Microsoft is really doing their bits to empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more.

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thank you for the informations

@JackieOstlie  Great information for skilling up and the Microsoft Security Technical Content Library sounds like an amazing resource. I can't wait to dive in further! Thank you!!

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Microsoft has empowered us with these outstanding opportunities to learn and grow; now it's our turn to deliver success!


Thanks for the great article with helpful links, @JackieOstlie !

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Nice initiative. Now need to link this with learn :Microsoft Learn | Microsoft Docs . So that when someone follow a track, they can get further related information to the library.


@AadilTeeluckdharry Thanks for checking out these resources! The cool thing is that the Security, Compliance, and Identity MS Learn paths are captured and accessible via the Microsoft Security Technical Content Library. It's easy to find MS Learn Paths and other content by product, experience level and role. 


Thanks so much for everyone's comments! It's great to hear these resources are helpful for you and your teams. Feel free to share feedback, ideas, and suggestions here! Happy learning journey! :) 

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Excellent idea!
Thank you.

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Are there any plans to offer an Expert level certification for the SCI topics, to bring this important area up to the same level as Azure, M365, Dynamics and the PowerPlatform?




Are the virtual trainings recordings available for viewing, as we are in a different timezone.




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Hi @JackieOstlie - How can I get some free Azure credits to get a hands-on experience with all the technical material Microsoft has made available?

It seems I have already exhausted all avenues to sign-up for free account - using new email, using new credit cards. Any help would be sincerely appreciated.


@navinjk, great question. All Spring Ignite sessions are available here. Additionally, you can explore webinars and videos via the Microsoft Security Technical Content Library, by searching 'webinars' or 'videos'. 

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