Zoom auditing and restrictions

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Like most of us, our users deal with other vendors, clients, service provides, contractors, etc.  Often, these folks initiate a conference call through their own sources.  Using Zoom as an example, but this can apply to all of the ones out there.   We need users to be able to use these services but at the same time, need some form of compliance, litigation and so forth.   What are you guys doing under these circumstances?   I prefer to force all of our employees to use Teams but I do not see that flying. Some times it is the other company that starts the meeting or the request. 

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@Jeff Harlow supporting Zoom is something where product team should decide, but Microsoft Teams is based on Microsoft Account and it is directly connected to Microsoft 365 and therefore it is fully supported. But Zoom is using separate account and its policy setting is different and supporting it would be very complex and it would be wise if Microsoft invest on making Microsoft Teams better , so people switch on it in their own than investing on third-party products.