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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Windows Outlook Desktop Client Permissions \ Encrypt Button

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Need to disable "Encrypt" and "Do not Forward" options under the Permissions or Encrypt button in Windows Office Desktop clients and then disable the Permissions button.

Resolved this on a test machine with Office 2019, but also need to resolve for the newer Office 2021 installations.

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Just looking to hide the Encrypt button for the outlook client
Why? For all users? Going for sensitivity labels? I'm not familiar with stand-alone Office products but in subscriptions such as M365 you can disable the encryption service (Office Message Encryption), i.e. Exchange Online can't connect to Azure Rights Management. Not a recommended approach. From my experience the registry config hides EO and DNF under the Encrypt button and if you have other default templates there you can put them in an archived state so they won't be visible either, using PowerShell. There's probably a registry setting somewhere to simply remove the Encrypt button from the bar as well, no idea about that though.
We are just testing it in our testing environment not in production. We are going for sensitivity labels and using secure+ for email. I believe the reasoning behind disabling the encryption button is because it keep forwarding encrypted emails in outlook.