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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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What are the differences between "eDiscovery Search" and "content search"

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I thought if anybody is able to explain what are the differences with "eDiscovery Case Search" and "Content Search"and what are scenarios when to choose one over other?


So far I have understood that eDiscovery Manager can see all Content Searches from tenant, but for eDiscovery Search manager can see only own cases.


I have also a feeling that eDiscovery Search is very much slower. At first I'm getting zero findings, while Content Search list all of the items. But then, after some hours eDiscovery Search start finding the same items.


As a site note, I'm testing this to find chat messages (Teams and Skype) from already deleted user (inactive mailbox).

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@Petri-X You are correct in that the only difference would be case access. When using the eDiscovery case, you can assign access to specific eDiscovery Managers. You can also manage preservation within an eDiscovery case. Both Content Search and the search within your eDiscovery case use the New-ComplianceSearch so there is no difference in the search operation.