Time-based scheduler for Microsoft Purview Data Estate Insights App is now generally available
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Data Estate Insights is an app built on Microsoft Purview’s platform that serves the office of the Chief Data Officer (CDO), catering to their needs for governance and curation analytics and insights. The app offers a range of out-of-the-box dashboards, that use the rich knowledge of the DataMap to create meaningful aggregates for high-level business understanding, and detailed views into the metadata, for deeper dives by Data Stewards and Data Custodians.


So far Data Estate Insights dashboards were refreshed based on events in the DataMap that would check for any updates, no more than once a week.


The pain of this approach is felt by the Data Stewards and Data Officers, as they were looking at stale data, and many of them wanted to control their analytics refreshes.


With the introduction of the Time-Based Scheduler, the Stewards can set up a schedule based on their organization’s business needs and options-  Daily, Weekly, and Monthly schedules are available.






How the new “Time-Based Scheduler” is different from the past “Event-Based Scheduler”?

“Event-Based Scheduler” was system controlled and was scheduled to looks for any DataMap changes only once a week. This resulted in Data Stewards looking at a week older reports while the DataMap was updated more frequently.

Today, the “Time-Based Scheduler” is customer-controlled that takes away the concern of looking at old and stale reports, making it a better analytics experience overall.


What is the default setting of Data Estate Insights Refreshes?

We have set it up to refresh weekly.


Does the “Time-Based Scheduler” allow admins to control reports that need to be refreshed at a different cadence?

No, the scheduler refreshes the entire dataset that feeds all the reports. Control of refresh at the report level is not available today.


Where can I see when the Insights reports were last refreshed?

As an Insights Reader, you can view the last refresh date and time on the top right corner of the dashboards and reports.




Learn more about the Data estate insights app here.

Learn more about the Time-Based Scheduler here.

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