Template creation for CIS Benchmark in Compliance Manager

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I can't find any template for the CIS Benchmark in Microsoft Score and its "engine", Compliance Manager. So I decided to create a template to implement all controls of the CIS Benchmark in Compliance Manager.

Unfortunately, the documentation to create a template is a bit simple and doesn't explain many things about the link between actions, controls and dimensions. I finally succeeded creating a basic template, that uses an action created by another template ("enable mutil-factor authentication for Admins", created by Dubai ISR). But now, my template is in a "pending approval" status and I can't see it in the template list (while creating an assessment), and I can't change it to "approved" state.


Another point is : how to use the actions ? If I use an already created action (referenced in a default template, for instance : Dubai ISR), do I have to indicate this in the column "actionDescriptionTitle" ? What does it do if I don't indicate this ? And, why are the default template in french when I export them ?


Another point to go : I tried to download the template of Dubai ISR, "clean it" to keep only what I need, change the name of the template... and then, upload it as a custom template. But I encountered errors like "action unknown", while it is a action that comes from the initial template !!!


Well, the Compliance Manager is a bit a pain to handle. Does anyone have a better link to explain how to create a template ? Can anyone teach me how to use all this ?



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