Secure Score - Set outbound spam notifications [Not Scored]

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I have added a recipient to both the EAC outbound spam policy and the Security & Compliance Alert policies - User restricted from sending email alert policy a few weeks ago



Alert Policies.png


but the Secure Score - Improvement actions remains as Set outbound spam notifications [Not Scored] 0/15


Any suggestions?




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@Mat Wraith I do not think they have a telemetry set up yet for Outbound Spam.  Secure Score is a little inconsistent in what they determine Not Scored.  Some have a telemetry set up and scores the points (even though it says Not Scored.  Case in point: Turn On Audit Data Recording [Not Scored].  I have 15/15 for that score.  Others that have Not Scored have 0/x).  I think they should move the ones that are [Not Scored] into another category such as Future Telemetry.  

Thanks @Zeff Wheelock I'll keep monitoring my secure score.