Secure score evaluation in companies in the sector

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Hello, I have a question, I want to know and above all understand how the secure score evaluation model is when it refers to companies in the segment that is based on other segments, for example, we are in the field of oil and we are super well compared to others But we are struck by the fact that the others are super under 100, evaluate them worldwide? Or by Latin America by sector that matrix defines that evaluation of our company over other companies?, I managed to read this entire URL but it only expresses the sense of how to improve, it does not say or explain the comparative model and that question is in the air! thanks



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Hello @Elias01 - the ASC Secure Score doesn't take in consideration the industry verticals. The score is purely calculated based on the aggregation of security recommendations into security controls, and these recommendations are specifically for the workloads that are available in the subscription. 

That's a good question!  I've not found any documentation regarding it either and agree it would be valuable to know if industry is considered by region or global/all. 


It seems this is where you can verify the industry and region selected for your tenant at least:



Looks like the new Secure Score Preview has this addressed.  You are able to manage your comparison criteria :)






@glenmcleroy that works for O365 Secure Score and are not applicable for Azure Secure Score.