Secure Score Enhancements

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Here are a couple of Office 365 Secure Score enhancements new to the Office 365 Roadmap, which look like great additions:


Ability to ignore a control


Office 365 Secure Score will support the option to allow a customer to ignore a control and have it not count towards the denominator of their score.


Ability to tag a control as met by a 3rd party solution


Office 365 Secure Score will support the option to tag a security control as met by a 3rd party product and give you the points assigned to that control.


I think these will be useful, to help better tailor Secure Score to a particular environment.  The 3rd party solution support would be nice for say when having ATP type functionality provided by another solution, as one example, and then this perhaps being reflected in the score. 

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Any idea how to remove an item from the ignore list or 3rd party list? I can't seem to find a list of things we've ignored or were once addressing via 3rd party solutions to set them back to active criteria.

Hi Berney,

In the Score Analyzer tab if you scroll down to the All Actions section you will see a tab for all your ignored and 3rd party flagged controls.  Here's a screen shot of what it should look like.