Secure Score - Accuracy and Filters

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Secure Score seems to have been updated and my tenant score has dropped dramatically - however many of the recommendations are for products that I don't actually have licences for.


I understand making them suggestions to improve the score and showing how much it could improve it by adding those products, but is there a way of filtering and reflecting the actual score based on licences available within the tenant? Otherwise, the perspective is skewed and takes some explaining to others



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@Justin_Barker Hello, it sounds as if you're using the Secure Score (Preview) as I noticed the same thing.


Perhaps click the "use released version" for now?


Actions - Microsoft Secure Score (previous iteration)


Choose an improvement action status - Microsoft Secure Score (new)


@ChristianBergstrom You're right :) If I go into I get a much higher score and percentage, than going into


Doesn't change the actions relating to licences, but at least the score is more representative :)


Thanks! :)