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Report on the number of blocked emails

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I need to generate a report on the ammount of emails which are getting blocked automatically by Microsoft, based on their categories, like Malware, Phishing, etc, so after I can make a report on the number of emails which are analyzed by humans.

I'm trying to understand where can I extract this information. On the Microsoft 365 Defender portal, on "Email & Collaboration", I've got the "Review" and then "Quarantine" tab, which shows quarantined emails based on the categories, but here I cannot extract a report nowhere.

Then I've got the "Exlorer" tab, in which I can select for example the "Delivery Action": "Delivered to junk" and "Blocked" and I got a number for last 30 days of blocked emails.


Is this the best approach to reach this goal?

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@Robert Young 

Hi, thanks for the references, which was something that I was not very familiar with.

I've read those and then I got a couple of questions based on the data I extracted from those reports, which I've opened on this thread.



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