Questions on availing db encryption key and licence limitation.

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Hi Community,


One of our customer has below queries.


  • Customer is active in the  Financial industry, very sensitive to data protection and access.
  • Customer does have already D365 Marketing installed and would like to extend its usage but need to fulfill certain compliance requirements
  • BYOK is a good, valid technical option but unfortunately they seem to be “too small” to be able to use it:




  • They have users /potential licenses is more ~ the 100 than the 1’000
  • For this market, besides the big 2 major banks they would probably won’t be much opportunity for D365 Marketing with environment with more than 1’000 licenses.
  • Customer would be a great reference to penetrate the Financial market with D365 Marketing.




They’re looking for an alternative technical solution to BYOK one as self-managed database encryption keys are only available for customer who has more than 1000 Power Apps plan or D365 plan.




Is there a way to consider the license level requirement for smaller markets?


Any guidance would be of great help!

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