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Perhaps it is just because I am a new user, or maybe it is due to some great design within MS.. However....

We use Office 365. We switched to it recently. 

We utilize third party spam filtering prior to any emails arriving to Office 365 protection. This is a great second set of eyes on our emails. 

I regularly go into the quarantine center, Protection > Threat Management > Review  > Quarantine, to release messages from there, as I cannot afford my users to receive digest emails from two sources. 

Enough with the background, lets focus on the design/layout and what I dislike about it....

  • When choosing the "Filter" option, you cannot filter by emails that have not yet been released. - Usecase - Since I go in basically every day, I don't want to re-process everything. A filter on that column would greatly reduce my time spent in the center. 
  • When filtering, the right pane (which opens when you click filter), would not go away until you click the filter button again... This may just seem cosmetic, but it is annoying... 
  • Most importantly, when choosing columns to display, there is no way to set this as the default layout. This is insane. I do not care about the policy type, but I do care about the recipient. This helps me when determining if I need to release the email. Say if the subject is something financial and the recipient is in the IT department, I would just skip it, whereas if the recipient is part of the financial department, I would need to take a further look on the email to be able to make a determination. Got it? Why do I always need to select the columns again? 

Is there any way to talk to those people in the appropriate department to determine this? Do they read here? 

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No, they do not :) Best leave feedback from the SCC directly.

I have sent Feedback from the O365 admin center many times, and they have thanked me and asked for additional information several times.