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Public Preview: Microsoft Fabric Items in Microsoft Purview
Published Nov 27 2023 09:00 PM 7,092 Views

With Microsoft Fabric and Microsoft Purview together you can store, analyze, and govern your data seamlessly and efficiently. In addition to integrating Purview data security and compliance capabilities throughout Fabric, we are also infusing Fabric items into the Microsoft Purview Data Map. The Data Map is automatically provisioned and attached to every Fabric instance by default with no set-up required. You can browse and search your Fabric a. For easy access to all these Purview capabilities, we’ve created a centralized page called the Purview Hub, currently in public preview, which serves as a gateway to Purview and contains insights into item inventory, sensitive data, and endorsement.


Browse and search Microsoft Fabric items

Just like Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Fabric is a new source for Microsoft Purview. Since Microsoft Purview is attached to every Fabric instance by default, you can click on the tile “Microsoft Fabric” on the front page of Microsoft Purview Data Catalog to start browsing your Fabric items. Automatically, any user can see the workspaces and Fabric items based on the permission setting they have in Fabric.






All Fabric items under this workspace are categorized by different Fabric experiences and Fabric item types.




In the asset detail view, you can check when the information is retrieved from the source, and you can also open the item directly in Fabric by clicking the button “Open in Fabric”.




Broader metadata access – scanning in Microsoft Purview Enterprise

In the coming weeks, Microsoft Purview Enterprise customers can provide broader access to metadata from Fabric items by scanning Fabric. When a Fabric is scanned, Microsoft Purview writes information about Fabric items to the Purview data map, and access to that metadata is governed by Microsoft Purview access control. This allows administrators to give users metadata access for data discovery or governance, without requiring those users to have read permissions on the underlying data sources.


Available resources

The following Fabric items will be available in Microsoft Purview as part of this public preview release.



Fabric items

Real-Time Analytics

KQL Database

KQL Queryset

Data Science


ML Model

Data Factory

Data pipeline

Dataflow Gen2

Data Engineering



Spark Job Definition

SQL analytics endpoint

Data Warehouse


Power BI






Paginated report*

* Only available by scanning


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