PowerPoint cannot be saved when Policy makes a sensitivity label compulsory

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We are applying a sensitivity label to a PPT files.

The policy requires a use HAS TO apply a label to their document or emails.


When finishing drafting a Power Point file and quite Power Point, it will keep infinitely asking you to save. And... you cannot close Power Point App unless kill it in Task Manager. But when checking the label in AIP Unified Labeling client, it shows the label was correctly applied.


As long the label is not compulsory in Policy, PPT works fines.


To be fair, we test two Labels in one Policy, and it is not the problem from Label.


Most likely it is related the mac script bug associated with PowerPoint App.


Any hint?


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Hi, is this happening on other Office Applications or just PowerPoint please?  Also, does this happen on only one PC or multiple?

Hi Peter,

As methioned in meesage above, it only happend on Power Point App. It works fine on Word and Excel.

We tested two computers. Both have this issue.



Hmm, that is odd then.  Have you checked out this page to see if you are matching any of the known issues -


Also, are you using the classic or the Unified labelling client?


Hi Peter, we are using Unified Labeling client.


This issue was not reported in the known issues list -


I guess it must be the policy cause a local Power Point mac script/add-in interpretion conflict, causing this endless check on ppt file to ensure compulsory lablel is appled according to Policy. It seems a bug.



Sure seems like it could be a bug.  I would recommend opening a support ticket with Microsoft to see if they can offer any insight on this issue.

@PeterRising Thanks Peter. Do you have a quick URL link handy where we can raise support ticket? Thanks in advance



You can do this from within your M365 Admin Center at  Go to Support > New service request as shown below.


Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 06.37.10.png

@PeterRising Thanks Peter. We have raised ticket to Microsoft support. Finger crossed. I will update once resolution is available. 

Just to update. Microsoft AIP engineering team confirm this is a bug in Power Point working with Unified Label client.



Had a feeling that it was going to be a bug.  Good that MS are aware of it.  Thanks for feeding this  back. :smile:

Unfortunately, Microsoft AIP engineering team could not advise ETA to fix this. and asked to not enable mandatory label as a work-around. I am keen to know how other people could accept this work around. It might be a significant risk in some business if label is not mandatory. What a shame!
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Can confirm my company has the exact same issue. I hope this gets fixed before more of my users realize this problem. Luckily I'm still in pilot phase of > 100, but I'm supposed to turn this on for all 40K+ users by EOY.

This is pretty new that this started to happen, so I believe this might be linked to the last Office ProPlus update which coincidentally broke our existing labeling/classification system.



We have received MS AIP support engineering team's message.


They are working on this. At this stage preview version fixed this issue in our environment. 


So there is a HOPE!


We just have to wait for Public Rlease version to fix this.

@Ian_Solutions that's great to hear. Now here's hoping they release it soon. I can't have my users ending task on PowerPoint every single time. Turning off the Mandatory labeling didn't help.


Hi, there is an issue with Mandatory label in UL, hot fix will be released in a few days.

If disabling mandatory label doesn't solve it, please open a support ticket to troubleshoot.

I downloaded the AIP UL client last night and it resolved the PPT issue! Once I deploy it to my test users I will resume Mandatory labeling after a few days.

Thank you!