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We have a requirement wherein we need to be sure if our data within Office 365 will be ITAR regulator compliant? I believe by default it won't be, while we can achieve via Office 365 dedicated plans.


Please confirm my understanding and also does Microsoft still support and sell Office 365 dedicated plans?

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Do you have an link to ITRA certification? If I use bing, I find some different ones. Do you mean the certification for pilots?

I would like to understand this as well.

Microsoft's guidance with respect to ITAR is that clients should utilize GCC High version of Office 365.  This has some unique requirements and restrictions.  This has been a painful process this year for anyone with ITAR or DFARS 252-204.7012. 

We are working with many gov cons and ITAR companies to map out a strategy to meet the requirements.  Feel free to contact me direct to get more details and put together a road mpa to get compliant.

@Bill Wootton - I have a client going for ITAR compliance and we have to go through an approval process for Category 3 approval. Now i m confused when I thought they would need Government licenses like G3 but instead the vendors are recommending E3 instead and stating they both are the same whereas one is commercial and one is government. I would appreciate if you could guide me here on which route to take? 


Thank you!