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Now in Public Preview: Microsoft Purview workflows HTTP connector
Published Oct 18 2022 10:32 AM 3,889 Views

Workflows are automated, repeatable business processes that you can create within Microsoft Purview to validate and orchestrate operations on their data entities. This eliminates the need for manual change monitoring or approvals in order to maintain quality standards in your organization.


We are now pleased to announce HTTP connector in Microsoft Purview workflow platform. This is a common connector and you can use it in any workflow template as per your organization's needs. HTTP connector allows external APIs to be called from the purview workflow to achieve end-to-end orchestration of business processes. For example, you can now enhance 'Self Service Data Access Workflow' to use HTTP connector and call service now APIs (or any application in your organization where access is auto-fulfilled) to automatically provide access to the data sources not yet supported by Purview's policy. This eliminates the need to have any manual intervention to provide access once all the approvals are met.


Another scenario where you can use HTTP connector is in 'Glossary workflows' where once the business term in created/updated/deleted in Purview, you can sync the same to other glossary systems in your company.


Figure 1: Example of a Data Access RequestFigure 1: Example of a Data Access Request

To learn more about Microsoft Purview workflows HTTP connector see here.


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