Navigating Data Privacy Regulations with Microsoft Cloud
Published Feb 02 2023 07:00 AM 3,160 Views

As businesses and organizations continue to prioritize data security, privacy, and compliance, they turn to Microsoft Cloud for its commitment to addressing these concerns. Our cloud services are designed with security in mind, and we adhere to industry standards for data protection. In addition, our strict policies and procedures, as well as our automated service operations, ensure that customer data remains private and secure.


Compliance is also a crucial consideration for businesses, and that's where Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager comes in. This powerful tool helps businesses navigate the complex landscape of data privacy regulations to help ensure compliance obligations are being met. With features like multi-cloud regulatory assessments, continuous control assessments, continuous regulatory updates, and a compliance score, Compliance Manager is a valuable resource for businesses looking to protect their data and maintain compliance.




Compliance Manager offers a range of key features to help businesses stay aligned to industry regulations and frameworks as well as improve their compliance posture. These features include:

  • Multi-cloud regulatory assessments: Choose from over 320 ready-to-use and customizable regulatory assessment templates that help meet multi-cloud compliance requirements with Microsoft 365 or non-Microsoft products or services such as ISO 27001 and SOC 2.
  • Continuous control assessments: Receive continuous status and automatic credit results for technical controls as Compliance Manager scans through your environment and detects available system settings.
  • Continuous regulatory updates: Stay current with the latest guidance on regulatory, product, or control mapping changes and take appropriate improvement actions to help meet relevant certification and regulatory requirements.
  • Common control mapping: Scale your compliance program by taking one action and satisfying multiple requirements across several regulations and standards, eliminating the need to update the same control multiple times.
  • Compliance score: Get a quantifiable measure of compliance to help prioritize the most impactful actions. This risk-based score can be filtered for a specific regulation or standard or a specific solution category. Compliance Manager awards you points for completing improvement actions taken to comply with a regulation, standard, or policy, and combines those points into an overall compliance score. Each action has a different impact on your score depending on the potential risks involved. Your compliance score can help prioritize which action to focus on to improve your overall compliance posture.

Compliance Manager is a great tool and is part of the M365 Purview suite of technologies. This suite provides a range of features, including:  

  • Data governance: Set policies and retention rules to manage data across your organization.
  • Data loss prevention: Protect against data leaks and unauthorized data sharing.
  • Data classification: Classify and label data to ensure it is handled properly.
  • Auditing and reporting: Monitor and report on compliance activities to meet regulatory requirements.

The Microsoft Cloud is a reliable and valuable resource for businesses and organizations looking to protect their data and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. With features like multicloud regulatory assessments, continuous control assessment, continuous regulatory updates, and a compliance score, Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager is an essential tool for managing compliance in today's complex landscape. And with the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center, customers have access to a range of additional features, including data governance, data loss prevention, data classification, and auditing and reporting. Trust Microsoft Cloud to keep your data secure, private, and compliant. If you're ready to take control of your compliance management, start your free trial of Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager today.

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