Missing Device point in Secure score

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how we can collect Device & Infrastructure  points for secure score ?  we seems to be missing these data. 



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We're having the same issue. Devices seems to have disappeared over the last couple months. This is true of release and preview version of Secure Score. I have spent quite a bit of time digging through different portals and I can't find Device Secure Score anywhere anymore.


Also, similar to OP's post, the Infrastructure score doesn't come through, even though it's still scoring properly inside Azure.

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@JamesGreenand @chandimap - this functionality was intentionally removed :facepalm:

Please check release notes for more details -

section "Removed improvement actions that don't meet expectations for reliable measurement or don't provide a useful representation of security posture"

Microsoft support told there is a plan to bring it back, but there is no date.