Microsoft Purview Information Protection in Microsoft 365 Apps - April 2023
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Welcome back to the quarterly newsletter from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook discussing what’s new and coming soon with sensitivity labels, powered by Microsoft Purview Information Protection. We pick up where we left off in January 2023.


From Bolt-On to Built-In: Recap

In March 2023,

  • We started rolling out to Current Channel the new configuration for M365 Apps that disables the AIP add-in by default, alongside a slew of new features that replace the capabilities of the add-in.


From Bolt-On to Built-In: April 2023

Using the various feedback channels and quality signals we rely on, we’ve been learning how this change is impacting customers who have already experienced the new configuration and features that launched in March.


We’re deeply grateful for the customer feedback so far and all our signals that point to improvements in app performance, reliability, and label-usage metrics. A HUGE thanks to all our customers who have participated in the preview channels and shared their feedback. :hearteyes:


As of today:

  • The new configuration in M365 that disables the AIP add-in by default is now fully available to all users in Current Channel.
  • For users on Monthly Enterprise Channel, we’re extending the start date by 1 month to give customers more time to evaluate their organization’s readiness and compatibility with the new changes
  • The AIP add-in enters its final phase in its support lifecycle with the announcement of its retirement timeline.

Please review the information below if your organization uses the Azure Information Protection (AIP) Add-in. The table summarizes the changes to the minimum version and dates for the new configuration. We're committed to helping organizations manage this transition at their own pace. If the release timeline isn't appropriate for you while the AIP add-in is in support, you can opt-out of the new configuration at any time, even if the Office build hasn't been deployed in your organization yet.


Unsure where to begin? Head to for resources and options to get added assistance.


Release Information


(Revised March 2023)


(As of April 2023)

Beta Channel

Learn more about M365 Insiders

Target version: 2210+

Preview: Oct 12, 2022


No change

Current Channel

Learn more about CC

Target version: 2302+

Preview: Oct 2022

GA: March 14, 2023

No change

Monthly Enterprise Channel

Learn more about MEC

Target version: 2302+

Preview: NA

GA: Apr 11, 2023

Target version: 2303+ 

Preview: NA

GA: May 9, 2023

Semi Annual Enterprise Channel

Learn more about SAEC

Target version: 2302+

Preview: Mar 14, 2023

GA: Jul 11, 2023

No change


System administrators can review the Microsoft 365 admin message center for information about this update.


What’s New and Coming Soon

In case you missed it, check out What’s New with sensitivity labels alongside other new capabilities from Microsoft Purview. These features are exclusively available with the built-in labeling client for Office; none of these features are available with AIP Add-in. Review a complete list of features for built-in labeling and their availability on other platforms or release channels.


Check out many of these capabilities in action in this Microsoft Mechanics video!



To keep an eye out for upcoming capabilities that will help you organization transition from the AIP Add-in, take a look at our comparison guide that highlights features that are available in preview, in development, or in planning.


Get started today

Whether you’re a new customer starting to use sensitivity labels in Office for the first time or are transitioning from the legacy AIP Add-in, we invite you to review the playbook for an in-depth walkthrough of the migration process and relevant resources to help you plan the transition.


Need help?

If you have questions or need assistance with migrating to the built-in sensitivity labeling client, leverage your Microsoft account team.

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