Microsoft Cloud App Security User Interface Updates

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In the coming months, Cloud App Security will be updating its UI to provide a more consistent experience across Microsoft 365 security portals. 

Use this blog to learn about the changes as they unfold. 


Week of January 10, 2021 

What’s changed: We’ve updated the following filters and controls for tables and forms across all Cloud App Security portal pages. 

  • The design and positioning of Basic and Advanced filters toggle control 
  • The design of Advanced filters in forms such as policies 
  • The design and positioning of table controls 


1. Basic/Advanced filters toggle 

2. Save query button 

3. Number of results (X of Y) indicator 

4. Bulk selection check box 

5. Export button 

6. Table settings controls 


Current design 


before UI changes.png



New design 


after UI changes.png



We look forward to sharing more with you. We encourage you to investigate these changes and ask questions.


- The MCAS team


Addendum: adding the link where you can get RSS feeds on what's new in MCAS:

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Nice Hope we can have more filtering options too @Joanna Harding 

Super Contributor

A feature I would find very useful:


Open the "Related activities" of a device from the device detail page, similar to the "Related activities" from a user detail page.


Unless I'm mistaken, now you have to go through an advanced query on the activities page to see all activities on a particular device.



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I am showing what I mean typically in the case of Add Policy It would be great to be able to filter on ModifiiedProperties.PolicyType


Best regards



For "What's new in MCAS" keep this in mind, also with an RSS Feed:

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How come these are not listed on the What's new page mentioned by @Yusuf Dikmenoglu ? 


Are there any plans to provide the ability to export the policy configuration settings? i.e., it would be helpful to have the ability to create a report that documents all of the policies that have been implemented.

You can export the MCAS config and its policies in one JSON file from the MCAS settings page -> "Export settings" @Dean Gross 




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@Yusuf Dikmenoglu thanks, that looks like it could be a good start, but there are many fields in that json file that I don't recognize. Is there any type of documentation/data dictionary for it?

Unfortunately not, but let me ask our MCAS PG and then I'll come back to you asap :-).

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Another request

Why can' t we track some AIP/MIP admin task like enabling/Disabling AIPSuperUSer and Adding/Remving SUperUser etc...



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Please can you make sure the interface remains as performant as the current one, so many of the 365 admin screens are unbearably slow to use and present data, the Cloud App Security screens have been a refreshingly pleasant change.

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To add to @Melakh request, once your Front End devs finish these changes, loan them out to the other teams that work on the Security and Compliance centers. those need some serious help with the caching architecture

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What does the export does not provide the user name after you filter it for the Leaked credential policy?  

@Yusuf Dikmenoglu that JSON export is great. I will store it eventually anyway somewhere in GitHub account (lose to scripts) so it looks great. Not sure if it's necessary for pdf-style report, as many managers anyway will not go so far. but maybe it will be useful for SME.

Completed, I'm a Ninja in Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS).

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