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Introducing new version of Managed Virtual Network in Microsoft Purview
Published Nov 16 2023 09:18 AM 3,542 Views

Managed Virtual Network (VNet) in Microsoft Purview enables the scenario when your Microsoft Purview and/or data systems restrict network access, you can run the scan on the Managed VNet Integration Runtime (IR) – a fully managed service by Purview – to securely connect to them via private endpoints.


We heard your growing demand and feedback for this solution, and we’re excited to announce that the new version of Managed Virtual Network support is now available.


We have built on top of the existing architecture (diagram below). There are several advantages of using the new version of Managed Virtual Network:

  • Generally available in all Microsoft Purview supported regions.
  • Expanded data source support, including Databricks, Snowflake, Fabric, and all the sources that are supported by the default Azure integration runtime.
  • Better scan performance.
  • Interactive operations from Purview portal are always available (test connection, browse source during scan setup, etc.).



Below are the steps for you to get started

  1. In Microsoft Purview portal, navigate to Data map -> Integration runtimes -> create a new Azure integration runtime within the Managed Virtual Network.



  1. When you view the integration runtimes, you will see the Managed VNet IR version as 2.0.



  1. When you click on manage or create the managed private endpoints (PE), you will see the Managed VNet name as “defaultv2”. Private endpoints to Purview and its storage account are auto created when you create the Managed VNet IR. Approve those PEs to establish secured connectivity.



The earlier version of Managed VNet solution will be supported as-is for existing customers in order to maintain business continuity.


Learn more details about the Managed VNet capability and the pricing details from Use a Managed VNet with your Microsoft Purview account.

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