I cannot see how to deal with SecureScore 'Disable accounts not used in last 30 days'

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The 'learn more' page explanation does not seem to fit my tennant.

When I go to 'launch now' then I do indeed get a list of active users, but how can I see the users that have not logged on recently? I downloaded the spreadsheet, but there is no 'last logged on' column.

My users are synchronised with my onsite AD, and we're using ADFS.


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I downloaded the list, converted to an Excel table and used =max(range of cells on row with usage dates in them) to find the last used feature date. filtered the list, and bingo!

Maybe the user list should not be the user list if there is not a 'days since last used' column and the target of the secure score item should be the license activity report. 


Hi Mark and Vasil,


Thanks for bring this to our attention.  I have asked the engineering team to create a bug request to update the link to point to the report that you called out.