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Hopefully, you had a chance to read Get a bird’s eye view of your data estate with Azure Purview Data Insights blog, to get an understanding of all that you can achieve with Azure Purview Data Insights. Below I offer a deeper dive into how you can convert the Data Insights into actionable measures. 


Answer questions with Purview Insights 

Imagine you are a member of the governance team in your company and you have a charter that requires all assets with Credit Card Number to be stored in a specific location within a database. Like most companies today, critical information is typically secured in a single location. But monitoring over time is a challenge. 


With Azure Purview however, you can map and classify the data comprehensively. Here's how we can help you ratify your earlier decision regarding critical information.


1) Start at Asset Insights. First, you see the data estate has multiple source types with millions of assets, which is expected. You pick classification category as Personal and classification as Credit Card Number.  You notice, however, that Credit Card Number is stored in multiple locations including your petabyte sized data lake that is generously accessed.  This violates your corporate credit card storage policy and must be addressed.


Figure 1


2) You dive into ADLS Gen 2 where you discovered data classified as Credit Card Number. Click on "View more" and pick ADLS Gen 2 from the list.


Figure 2



Figure 3


3) You can click on Asset count and view the list of assets that are classified as containing Credit Card Number.


Figure 4


4) Contact the owners of the Data Lake - You can now find out the data owners by clicking on the assets from the list and contact them with next steps.


Figure 5



Azure Purview Data Insights helps you get a bird’s eye view of your data estate and deep dive into a specific area to answer a question or solve a problem.  


Azure Purview Data Insights caters to a diverse set of users - from technical and business oriented users. Learn more about how we answer a business user's questions using Glossary insights 

If you manage scans in Azure Purview, Insights can help you get an overview of all your scans through Scan insights.  Learn more about Insights concepts today and Create an Azure purview account. 


For more information, check out a demo of Azure Purview or start a conversation within the Azure Purview tech community.  


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