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GA announcement — Microsoft Purview Mooncake (China North 3)
Published Jul 31 2023 12:30 PM 3,009 Views

We are thrilled to announce that Microsoft Purview is now generally available in the Mooncake (China North 3) region. Our goal with Microsoft Purview, designed to "Understand and govern data across your entire data estate," is to provide unified data governance solutions to our valued customers, enabling them to effectively manage, govern, protect, and leverage their entire data landscape.


The journey to expand our global reach and bring Purview to Mooncake has been a diligent effort, spanning months of hard work. We are proud to open up these regions to our customers, providing them access to our advanced data governance platform.


Through the Microsoft Purview governance portal, our customers can utilize a wide array of powerful tools, including:

  1. Creating an up-to-date map of their entire data estate, complete with data classification and end-to-end lineage.
  2. Identifying the storage locations of sensitive data within their estate.
  3. Establishing a secure environment for data consumers to discover valuable insights.
  4. Generating in-depth insights into data storage and usage patterns.
  5. Managing data access securely and efficiently at scale.

During the preview phase, we successfully onboarded customers, and now, as we open it up to the general public, we are eager to witness the positive impact Purview will have on data governance in the Mooncake (China North 3) region.


Embrace Microsoft Purview and embark on a data governance journey that revolutionizes how you manage and harness the power of data in your organization. We remain committed to supporting you every step of the way as you leverage the full potential of your data assets.


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