Enhanced Snowflake integration in Microsoft Purview
Published Nov 16 2023 09:24 AM 3,432 Views

Microsoft Purview keeps strengthening its Snowflake integration to help you enrich your data map with metadata from Snowflake. We are glad to share some new features available in Snowflake scan.


When setting up a scan for Snowflake source, you can now:

  • Choose different flavors of integration runtime to power the scan:
    • Default Azure integration runtime: use this when both Snowflake and Microsoft Purview allow public access. You don’t need to set up anything to use this type of fully managed runtime.
    • Managed Virtual Network integration runtime: applicable when your Snowflake allows public access while Microsoft Purview limits access via private endpoints. You can create a Managed VNet IR which is also a fully managed service by Purview.
    • Self-hosted integration runtime: this is for when you have more restricted network control on Snowflake. You can use this option and place the IR in your own network.
  • Flexibility to scope your scan. You can configure the list of database(s) and schema(s) to import. For both settings, you can either specify static name(s) or a wildcard pattern.
  • Choose the level of details to import for stored procedures. You can now import the stored procedure lineage along with its metadata. Microsoft Purview detects the dependent objects by parsing the stored procedure definition.
  • Test connection. Before trigger an actual scan run, you can validate the settings by clicking “Test connection”.



Once the scan completes, you can discover the Snowflake assets via search or browse, and view the metadata and lineage:





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