Data Policy features: Accessing data when file level permission is granted
Published Feb 01 2022 05:20 PM 5,153 Views

We recently launched new Data Policy features in public preview for Azure Purview. In this blog, we explain how data can be accessed when permission is granted at the file level.


After a data source is registered for Data Use Governance and scanned, Azure Purview’s Policy author role will be able to create policies in the Policy management interface.


Users will not be able to browse to the asset using the Azure Portal or Storage explorer if the only permission granted is read/modify access at the file level of the storage account. Hence, organizations can not only secure their data perimeter but also grant users minimum required access to datasets to complete their day-to-day tasks.


When file or folder level access is granted, the user can open the file in the Azure Synapse Analytics workspace. The easiest way to achieve this is by ensuring that the Azure Purview account with the Storage account’s metadata is linked to the Azure Synapse workspace. For more details on how to connect a synapse workspace to Azure Purview, refer to this article.


The user needs to log-in to the Azure Synapse workspace and then search for the file-customeraddress. parquet.




Select the file to which the access has been granted and select Develop - New SQL script - Select top 100.



This will generate a SQL query, which can be executed against a built-in serverless SQL engine.




Get Started

  • Read more about Data Policy features in Azure Purview here.
  • Watch a demo video of Data Policy features in Azure Purview here.
  • Learn more about creating and publishing policies in this article. 
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