Can Auto-labeling apply to more than 100 SPO/ODFB sites?

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Dear all,


My company is in the process purchasing E5 and EMS E5 licenses and hoping to use auto-labeling features for my 2000+ site collections with tons of sub sites at some site collections.  While researching more technical details about this feature, I have come across this article: Apply a sensitivity label to content automatically.


While reading one item caught my eyes, specifically for SPO and ODFB:

  • Maximum of 10 auto-labeling policies per tenant, each targeting up to 10 sites (SharePoint or OneDrive)

My understanding of this is that I can only apply labels up to 100 sites!  I am not sure the sites refer to site collection or sub site but clearly I have more than 100 of either types of sites.  Am I reading it wrong or is it an actual technical limitation of this auto-labeling feature?


As I indicated my SPO has more than 1000 site collections and some have more than 1000 sub sites - 10 times more than the limitation.  I have 9000+ users so have that many ODFB sites created too.  How can I use auto-labeling feature for my SPO and ODFB environment?  Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.





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