Azure Purview – Profisee Integration for Master Data Management (MDM)
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As the data estate in your organization grows, it becomes imperative to manage the quality of data and govern the data to avoid duplicates, inconsistencies, and missing information. With different versions of data available across different departments, locations, and systems, it can be difficult to maintain a single source of truth. A classic example is a bank where a customer who has a credit card with the bank still receives offers to open a new credit card. This happens because the customer service department in bank is not integrated with the credit card department and the customer data is duplicated in both places. Hence, the role of Master Data Management (MDM) is even more significant than ever before.

We are happy to announce the integration of Profisee MDM with Azure Purview to establish governance standards, policies and enforce the same on the master data.


What is Profisee MDM?

Profisee is a master data management software that allows unlimited users, records, and data domains. Its MDM solution is geared towards business data stewards. Profisee’ s golden record management engine (GRM) can match, cleanse, de-duplicate, and verify performance of records numbering in the millions.

Profisee MDM solution provides business users with easy access and management of the definitions, descriptions, and associations that describe master data application. As a master data solution evolves, Profisee automatically synchronizes metadata changes, ensuring stakeholders always have the most up to date information.


Azure Purview – Profisee Integration

You can now push master data model from Profisee to Purview where the master data entities can be enriched using governance processes in Purview i.e., adding ownership, tagging glossary terms etc. Once the master data is enriched in Purview, this information is then retrieved in Profisee so that it can be reviewed and enforced in Profisee. In a nutshell, master data in Profisee is validated, cleansed, and standardized using governance output from Purview.

High level capabilities for this integration include:

  1. Use enriched Purview catalog data entities for master data modelling in Profisee.
  2. Use Purview data catalog and business glossary for data stewardship in Profisee.


Get started today:

We are looking forward to hearing, how Azure Purview and Profisee Integration helped unlock the Master data management (MDM) experiences in your organization.

  1. Create an Azure Purview account now and start understanding your data supply chain from raw data to business insights with free scanning for all your SQL Server on-premises and Power BI online
  2. Check out Azure Purview full documentation and get started today.
  3. Learn about Profisee MDM + Azure.
  4. Learn more about Profisee running natively in Azure.
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