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Aug 14 2024, 07:00 AM - 09:30 AM (PDT)
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Azure AD Domain Services integration risk

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I am looking to deploy Azure AD Domain Services for my company to be able to do authentication for VPNs and Wi-Fi networks for starters. We used to have a local AD but we turned it off and migrated to an Azure AD-only solution.


I've been reading up on the setup documentation and I just wanted to make sure that the creation of the managed domain name for AAD DS won't screw things up in my company's case.

We have a DNS service set up in AWS Route53 which hosts a zone that resolves everything in our domain


If we set up the new managed domain also as, can it cause any kind of interference for our Route53 service and the rest of the system? I presume not, the interference can probably only happen with machines joined to that newly created managed domain


For example, we also have a website For some managed domain-joined machines there could be problems accessing the site since resolves to something different on the internal DNS of the virtual network? Am I assuming correctly?


The documentation overall is good, but I still want to double check since I don't want to bring down our Azure AD, since everything we have (O365, Exchange, Sharepoint, Teams...) depends on it. 


Thanks in advance!

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