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Announcing continuous assessments in Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager
Published Apr 19 2022 10:00 AM 4,447 Views

Regulatory compliance can be challenging. Most companies still rely on manual processes. Internal compliance teams are frequently understaffed, and there is constant pressure to do more with less resources. With over 250 updates from regulatory bodies per day1, it is difficult to stay current. Additionally, complying with a multitude of standards in a hybrid world is now a board level topic2. Many organizations struggle with protecting people and data in a multi-cloud, multi-platform, and multi-regulatory environment.


Introducing Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager

As we announced earlier today, Microsoft Purview is a comprehensive set of solutions to help govern, protect, and manage your entire data estate. To align with the vision of our new brand family, we are renaming Microsoft Compliance Manager to Microsoft Purview Compliance Manager.


Compliance Manager helps simplify compliance and reduce risk. It translates complex regulatory requirements into specific controls, allowing organizations to constantly assess, monitor, and improve their compliance posture, all while saving time and money.


Check out this video on what Compliance Manager can do for your organization!



We are excited to announce three new enhancements in Compliance Manager. These features are generally available now and help your company eliminate blind spots, stay informed, and get started faster than ever before.


Continuous assessments

Eliminate blind spots with ongoing assessments


Continuous assessments help customers automate compliance management processes by eliminating a big pain point – blind spots. With the help of continuous assessments, customers can immediately understand and act on recommendations to protect their data and be compliant with regulations.  Users of Microsoft solutions such as Purview Data Loss Prevention, Information Protection, Data Lifecycle Management, Insider Risk, and Communication Compliance – can now maintain a refreshed view of their compliance posture in one single location. Controls get tested every 24 hours and accrue towards your overall compliance score.

Figure 1: Continuous assessments in Compliance ManagerFigure 1: Continuous assessments in Compliance Manager


Alerts & notifications

Stay in the know of any control changes

Alerts & notifications make it easier for customers to stay on top of changes and quickly act on non-compliant controls. Admins can set up an alert policy to outline the conditions that trigger an alert and modify the frequency of these notifications. When Compliance Manager detects a match to a tenant’s policy condition, the user receives an e-mail with details on the alert. For example, if an organization has disabled multi-factor authentication in their tenant, the admin will quickly be notified of this action so they can take remediation as quickly as possible and minimize data protection risks.

Figure 2: Alerts & notifications in Compliance ManagerFigure 2: Alerts & notifications in Compliance Manager 


Recommendation Engine

Pick and choose the most relevant assessments

 Very often, organizations are trying to figure out which regulations are most relevant to them. To make it easier to get started, the recommendation engine in Compliance Manager helps surface the most relevant regulations for an organization based on the company’s size, industry, and region. With just a few simple clicks, you can help your company begin to comply with the right set of regulations.

Figure 3: Recommended Assessments in Compliance ManagerFigure 3: Recommended Assessments in Compliance Manager 

Get started

These enhancements mark another step in our journey to simplify compliance and reduce risk. We are committed to helping organizations with their compliance management needs by continuing to deliver capabilities that make the end-to-end experience more efficient. Get started with Compliance Manager through the Microsoft Purview portal today!

Not sure how to get started?


On behalf of the Compliance Manager team,

Daniel Hidalgo, Product Marketing Manager



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