AIP Scanner - Unable to authenticate and setup Microsoft Azure Information Protection

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Hi All,


I'm getting stuck in below issues to test AIP Scanner.



Set-AIPAuthentication : 





As I worked through below the steps I had faced the following issue and cannot move forward.



I have done these steps

  1. Install Win Server 2019 & SQL Express on VM Workstation.
  2. Install AIP Client
  3. Install AIP Client on PowerShell and it's running in services.msc

              Install-AIPScanner -SqlServerInstance AIPSCANNER\SQLEXPRESS -Profile Cluster1

  1. Create AD on premise (GG.COM) and installed AD Connect (Express Setting) to Azure AD (
  2. Create User on premise (aipscanner) role (Administrator) and sync to Azure AD ( and assigned E5 license.
  3. Login with GG\aipscanner  on Win Server 2019.
  4. Get APPID, App Secret, Tenant ID from Azure Portal
  5. I tried to get the token run below the command but no ok.


$pscreds = Get-Credential "\aipscanner"



-AppId "bac7ce5e-7a0b-40da-bb89-888888888"

-AppSecret "6192e5b8-afb0-49bc-9a0e-888888888"

-TenantId "623c0945-6ee5-42a1-8894-888888888"

-DelegatedUser -OnBehalfOf $pscreds



I think something wrong in authentication on-premise to azure (-DelegatedUser). Please kindly help me to move forward.


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please make sure that you have connectivity to the AIP Service = Internet access. The error could be caused by that.

Try with the Onpremise account for the OnBehalfOf.

$pscreds = Get-Credential "<local domain>\aipscanner"