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Add business context to your hybrid data estate with Microsoft Purview
Published Oct 13 2022 09:00 AM 4,620 Views

Microsoft Purview has been generally available since September 2021, and it has gained considerable mind and market share with its cloud-scale data ingestion and a rich knowledge graph of your data estate, also known as Purview Data Map. This year, our goal has been to make Microsoft Purview the “best-in-class” governance platform for business and governance users by enriching the Data Map with business and governance context and making it relevant for the Data Stewards, Chief Data Officers, Data Analysts, and Data Scientists. With that in mind, we have collaborated with our top enterprise customers to light up key capabilities that will help drive governance in organizations.


Give business context to your technical data with Organization, Business processes, and Data products:

To extract maximum value out of your governance program and create shared accountability, your organization needs to view the data from a business lens. We are excited to announce the public preview of Purview Metamodel. Now the data stewards can define your organizational hierarchy, show how data is used in business activities, and define data used across departments, business processes etc.




Add automation through Business workflows and self-service requests:

Manual processes such as granting access to catalog or data assets can become a scaling challenge in most enterprises. Keeping that in mind, we have enabled self-service access requests where data consumers can request access to the data asset of their choice and the data owners receive requests and approve with a single click. This in turn minimizes the administrative effort required to manage access and accelerates the access request and provisioning lifecycle. 

We have also extended business workflow capabilities to glossary terms requests and approvals that help with automating data curation and stewardship process, which is critical for adding business meaning to data. 


Drive scale with machine learning-based sensitivity classifications:

As data classification is the stepping-stone to data governance, Microsoft Purview is committed to enhancing the scalability and automation of its system-generated sensitive data classifications. We are excited to announce the public preview of machine learning classifiers to identify person names and physical addresses with high accuracy.


Trace data movement with Dynamic lineage and Manual lineage:

We are excited to announce the general availability of Dynamic lineage for Azure SQL Database. This empowers data analysts in thorough operational root cause analysis using the lineage graphs without having to go through lines of scripts that are generated from SQL-stored procedures.  


Data Stewards can also annotate their data with manual data lineage to indicate data movement. With this new experience, customers can augment an end-to-end data lineage of their data estate and further enrich the automated data lineage captured in the Purview Data Map.




Derive actionable insights from the rich Data Map:

To get actionable insights, for the Chief Data Officer, Data Estate Insights shows a bird’s eye view of the entire data map along with critical drill downs that allow governance stakeholders to identify and close gaps. Data Estate Insights is now generally available. 




Finally, our goal is to continuously grow Microsoft Purview to cater to our enterprise customers in their journey of governance. To stay tuned for the latest updates, please visit Microsoft Purview documentation.


Watch our video on the latest Microsoft Purview Ignite announcements here:


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