Teachers and interim teachers

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We use School Data Sync to manage our classes and groups in Teams.

Each subject and class has their own Team with the teacher of that subject. For example a student can see for every subject he has an Team for example (HAN 3Bec Math, HAN 3Bec Dutch, HAN 3Bec French ...).

We sync our Teams every day. 

Now we have noticed that when a teacher gets sick for several weeks and we hire an interim teacher, the teacher get added int the Teams (which is logic!). But when the interim leaves the school, the interim is still there. The other teacher can't deleate other teachers from the Team and with every sync the interim teacher is still there.

It's the same case when students have an teacher-trainee in their classes.

Also we have some classes where some teachers are add'ed but wont leave the Team. Is there a possibility to remove teachers from a Team? 


Can you explain why this still happens?


Many Thanks!


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Do you remove the interim teachers from the corresponding group in your SIS?

We remove them out of the CSV-files we upload but the teachers aren't removed out of the diffrent Team-groups. That's the biggest issue at the moment.