Microsoft Teams Meetings for Government video series available now
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In January 2021, the Microsoft CSM (Customer Success Manager) team representing State & Local Government customers came together in a two-day event to deliver 11 live sessions on the topic of Meetings in Microsoft Teams. Topics included the Before-During-After lifecycle of a meeting, breakout rooms, accessibility and more.


The playlist of the session recordings can be found here on YouTube, along with social media callouts on Twitter via the #TeamsMtgs4Govt hashtag


For a sneak peek of what you can expect from this series, check out the teaser trailer below:



Here's a detailed description of the playlist, with links to each video:

Day 1  

100 Introduction, Agenda


Discusses the agenda of the 2-days of sessions in this series


101 Before the Meeting: Scheduling, Chat w Participants, send agenda 



In this 1st of three Meetings Lifecycle sessions, we discuss many of the pre-meeting use cases that can be leveraged to prepare you to have a great meeting.


102 During the Meeting: Breakdown of Teams meeting features 


In this 2nd of three Meetings Lifecycle sessions, the different features that can be used to have an effective meeting are discussed.


103 Channel Meetings



Discusses the concept of the Channel Meeting, how it differs from a typical Teams Meeting, and how to use it effectively.


104 Breakout Rooms for Teams Meetings




The Breakout Rooms feature provides an easy way to create new meetings as a spin-off of a main meeting. This session will demonstrate how this feature works, and discuss best practices.


105 Using Teams Mobile App for Meetings








Microsoft Teams Mobile Application allows users to access the rich features of Microsoft Teams on the go. The Microsoft Teams mobile application available on Apple and Android platforms allows users to join a meeting on the go, to collaborate with teams, to chat with co-workers, and access other business applications integrated with Teams directly from their mobile devices.


106 Best Practices for Sharing in Teams - screen, documents, survey, and meeting chat



There are many ways to share content during a Teams meeting. This session will discuss many of them, including sharing your screen, documents and surveys.


Day 2  

201 Accessibility in Office365


This session includes accessibility tips for inclusive Microsoft Teams meetings 


202 Microsoft Teams is simply the best meeting platform - here's why!




This session provides a general overview of the value proposition of Microsoft Teams, and highlights many of the new and exciting features that continue to make Teams a best-of-breed platform.


203 Leveraging Office365 tools in Teams Meetings




There are many tools in the Office365 toolkit that can be incorporated into your Teams Meeting experience. This session will discuss ways to use PowerPoint, OneNote and more to have an effective meeting.


204 Meeting scenarios and best practices






By walking thru different types of meeting scenarios that we come across in our work, this session helps you to understand the different roles that are present in Teams Meetings, as well as how to use the many options to manage those roles and meetings functionality.


205 After the Meeting - Ok, we had a successful meeting - now what? 




In this 3rd of three Meetings Lifecycle sessions, we discuss the use case scenarios that are applicable after your meeting is over. This includes viewing meeting recordings, searching for previous meetings, and accessing meeting notes and files.


206 HHS and JPS Community Peer Networks



A quick explanation of the community peer network groups for Health & Human Services and Justice & Public Safety agencies



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