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Hello everyone,


I am looking for the best way to collect information for building  Project Online system usage report.


the aim is to have a better understanding of users adoption. 


I've used the below link through Odata extract to get row data:

https://[Our Domain].com/sites/pwa/_layouts/15/Reporting.aspx?Category=AnalyticsSiteCollection


The report shows me "Unique Users" per month / Day and

Number of "Hits"


I am not confident how to interpret those numbers (doesn't look correct) and not sure am I in the right direction or not?


Any assistance much appreciated.


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Hello @Behzad2020 

Those SharePoint usage figures should be correct for that site collection, what makes you think they are not correct?


Hi Paul,
Thanks for the reply.
e.g. for December I have below numbers:
Month: 2019-09 (this is the only bit that I understood :D )
Hits: 239 (what "hit"means? is this all hits on SharePoint Sites and/or PWA or number of logins to the environment?), (users using browser and MS Project, do we have TTL for project online ? i case some body keep the browser open on the screen for the long time? what "Hits" actually means in this context, I expect to have a figure much higher
Unique Users: 54 (Not sure why "Unique users" is changing significantly every month, is this coming from "Users Group" or is this showing unique Users "Login" to our environment in that month.
Appreciate your time Paul.

Hello @Behzad2020 

SharePoint provide this capability - here is the doc for the usage data:

Hope that helps