Project Online: Where did my reports go?
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First published on TECHNET on Dec 22, 2014

I’ve already heard a few reports (no pun intended) of this catching folks out – so worth explaining what has happened here.  We made some changes to where reports are stored in Project Online, and we have posted a few announcements about this.  Nothing is lost – it is just that the Business Intelligence Center (BI Center) isn’t the default place we go for reports anymore.   When telling people to read the Message Center in Office 365 I sometimes feel like the Vogon commander telling humans that if they can’t be bothered to go to Alpha Centauri and see the plans for Earth’s destruction then they shouldn’t complain when it happens – getting to the Message Center isn’t light years away – but it may as well be…  Enough Douglas Adam’s and on to the point of the blog:

On November 11th we published a message to the Office 365 Message Center under the “Plan for change” category saying Changes are coming for the Business Intelligence Center for Project Online – and suggesting complete actions by December 10th .  In your message center this will be a link, which will take you to this page:

The additional information link goes to and tells you basically that the link in the left navigation now goes to (for example) sites/pwa/PWAReports/Forms/AllItems.aspx rather than the old sites/pwa/ProjectBICenter/Pages/Default.aspx page (which still exists and can be found under Site Contents, Subsites, Business Intelligence Center).

The article give you options to either use the new site or carry on using the old one – and updating your links accordingly.  The change that is catching people out is documented as:

Any Project Online sites that you're already using will be updated to use the new Reports library and Data Connections list instead of the BI Center site. Your existing BI Center site is not deleted (until you delete it yourself), and your existing content is still available. Links in your Project Online sites are updated automatically to point to your new Reports library and Data Connections list.

I do appreciate that not every user, or even the PMO administrator, will be an Office 365 Administrator so you may not have access to the message center – so make sure you are talking to your Office 365 Administrators to understand if there is anything you need to know about coming down the line.

If you have a new recently provisioned instance of Project Online then the BI Center would never have been created so nothing that you need to worry about.

If you need any help following the steps described then you can of course open a support incident.

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