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First published on TECHNET on Jul 19, 2018
The Project Online users new home page called Project Home lets you Open, Favorite a Project and Create New Projects, helping you get organized and find Projects of your interest from one place thus making it fastest and easiest. You can also see your recently accessed Project files to resume editing your Project.  In this blog post, we will discuss how to access the Project Home and its features.

Note Currently to access Project Home from users need to have a subscription of Project Online Essential, Project Online Professional and Project Online Premium. For more information, see Compare Project versions .


The portal is the fastest and easiest way to get started with the Project Home experience. The app gallery provides a Project tile. Clicking that tile launches the Project Home of Project Online. With the new experience, if you can’t find the Project tile in the gallery, click Explore all your apps to get access to Project Home.

Using the Office 365 app launcher (also called the “waffle”)

You can switch to Project Home from (or other Office 365 web apps and services for which you have a license) after clicking the app launcher (or “waffle”) icon in the top menu. If the Project tile is not shown, click All apps to get to the Project Home page.

Creating a new Project

From your Project home you can create new Project with the Create New menu. With one click on Project , a blank Project is created in your default PWA (Project Web Access) site.

Opening an existing Project for editing

From your Project Home, you can open a Project listed in the Recent section, which shows your recently access Projects from various PWA sites. By clicking on the list entry the Project opens in the new tab to start editing.

Favoriting an existing Project

You can Favorite a Project shown in the in the Recent section, by clicking on overflow menu icon on the Recent list entry and selecting the Add to favorites option. This moves the Project entry from the Recent section to Favorites section of Project Home and Project entry appears as cards in Favorites section.

Users can also select the Remove from list, to remove the Project entry from Recent section, this does not delete your Project, but just removes the entry.

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