Project Online Desktop Client: More new features to enjoy!
Published Mar 06 2019 02:28 PM 1,238 Views
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First published on TECHNET on Dec 16, 2016

I posted yesterday about the upcoming control of versions that should encourage you to update your Project client software to the latest release – and one more feature just got turned on!  As well as the accessibility improvements and the Timeline labels shown on yesterday’s blog you can now see task progress right in the timeline!  If you have the latest update on your  Project Online Desktop Client subscription (sorry Project Professional 2016 users – you don’t get this) then when you next start the application these new features will be there.

Here is what the task progress looks like:

As you can see, you get check marks for completed tasks – and shading of the tasks in the timeline to track % complete!  In the Timeline Tools format bar you also get the option to turn this off – which can be found under the Date Format dropdown:

Pretty cool!  One of the interesting things about features like these is how we are able to turn them on for you – or ‘flight’ them to use our internal term.  You may not have seen these until you restarted Project – but they were there if you were already up to date and we just turned them on earlier today.

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