Project Lite: More affordable access for Project Online Team Members
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First published on TECHNET on May 02, 2014

On Thursday May 1st 2014 we launched the new lower priced subscription option for Project Online Team Members called Project Lite. For just $7 this allows your team members to do all the functions they need, like managing their tasks, turning in their timesheets and collaborating with the rest of their team.  Our UA team have put together some super content at to help you understand where this more affordable options fits in.

This isn’t anything new in terms of features, and not something you’d just buy on its own as it only makes sense to use it as part of your bigger Project Online package.  The easiest way to buy would be to sign in to your Office 365 Admin Center (or get your admin to do it if you don’t have access) and navigate to Purchase Services on the left hand side.  This will always take you to this Url – so you could click right here - and then scroll down to find Project Lite.

Most organizations will likely need some Project Online licenses to get them started for their administrators, executives and other managers who can use all the web features of Project Online.  Then for project managers, perhaps some portfolio managers and resource managers, the Project Pro for Office 365 with Project Online licenses will give them all the web stuff plus the full capabilities of Project Pro for Office 365 – the desktop client for complex project management (Project Professional) – then for team members who will be working on the tasks and submitting their updates and collaborating on documents related to the project they just need a Project Lite license.  Something for everyone!

In Project Online you would allocate a Project Lite license the same as any other license – from the users and group option in the Office 365 Admin Portal.

You wouldn’t need to also give team members any other Project Online license – if they needed more then they should have the other license level and give the Project Lite license to someone else – we wouldn’t want you to pay us twice!   You would also need to Share the site(s) they needed.  The correct permission level to give them would be Team Member for Project Web App.  If you use Project Server Permission mode then they should be in the Team Members group.

If you haven’t started your journey yet with Project Online then the Get Started guide on is the place for you!

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